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Maxime CAZOR
I have been working for more than 6 years as an Engineer in the IT world, as a Java developer first at Capgemini, then as a an Applications Manager (build and run) at BNP Paribas since April 2014. I am dedicated to answer customer requirements and needs by being proactiv, curious, well-organized, assertiv and open-minded. I have been working on IT technologies such as Java/PHP/Oracle/MySQL during my various experiences, on SOAP and RESTful Webservices and on several Windows and Unix Environments.

Beside work, I enjoy playing football competitively every wednesday with my teammates at the Urban Soccer fields in Meudon La Forêt, and I do love to play golf every weekend. Throughout this website, you can check most of my golf results since 2014.

You can also find more details of my resume below. Enjoy!

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Apr 2014 - Now
BNP Paribas
Montrueil, FRA
PHP IT Application Manager
Technologies: PHP4/5/7, Zend Framework, Doctrine, MySQL, Apache, CFT, MS Office, GIT, SVN, Clarity
Part of BDDF IT, I am a member of the SDI401 Webteam domain, which is responsible for developments (build) and IT maintenance (run) of a hundred of PHP Applications for several product owner accounts inside BNPP (intranet). As an IT Application Manager, I'm accountable for the following tasks:
  • To maintain a park of more than 30 applications on a daily basis
  • To receive, analyse and correct in time product incidents to allow the employees to work continuously and efficiently
  • To offer IT support and solutions to the business owners
  • To analyse business owners needs, establish IT costs and assure on time delivery of the on-going projects
  • To follow application deliveries and deployments in liaison with the Production team

In 2016, I successfuly delivered a project worth 251k€ to build an application allowing identified users to revise and adjust the tariff database of all the products offered by BNP Paribas Agencies in France. I also developed a PHP web application now used by the Webteam as a portal/support of all the technical information (servers, urls, versions, contacts, description, batchs ...) needed to work everyday more efficiently.
Words from the Manager

Job Description

Maxime est responsable d'applications au sein du patrimoine Webteam. Il a en charge une trentaine d’applications PHP et assure le back‐up d'autres responsables d'applications au sein de la Webteam sur une trentaine d'applications. Pour 2016, il a également pris en charge en tant que Responsable d'Applications (RA) les 5 applications LAOP (linux Apache Orace PHP) suite au départ du RA en charge de ces applis. Maxime a aussi assuré le rôle de chef de projet sur le projet significatif OPRA (550jh) pluriannuel 2016‐2017 et assuré le backup sur le projet ICP YSEOP durant les congés du RA en charge de l’application.

2016 Achievements

Maxime est un très bon élément au sein de l’équipe Webteam et a réalisé une excellente année 2016. Il a un sens des responsabilités fort et assure un travail de qualité au service du client. Il a tenu ses engagements de service sur son parc applicatif très important et fait preuve d'un bon esprit d'équipe. Il a su s’imposer en tant qu’expert technique au sein de l’équipe et a montré, par son investissement personnel, de fortes capacités à prendre en charge de nouveaux sujets comme les applications LAOP, ou de nouveaux projets très significatifs comme OPRA. Il a montré à plusieurs reprises avec brio ses aptitudes à intervenir rapidement et avec justesse sur des sujets hors de son périmètre (back up ICP – YSEOP). Maxime a ainsi facilité la phase de transition du projet ICP YSEOP, en prenant en charge complètement le sujet pendant la période de congés du RA responsable de l’appli. Il a également pu mettre en avant à plusieurs reprises (OPRA, EDGE, LAOP) son très bon esprit d’analyse, contribuant significativement au succès des différents projets. Il devra sur 2017 maintenir ce très bon niveau de professionnalisme et pourra consolider ses connaissances concernant la gestion budgétaire des projets.

Nov 2011 - Apr 2014
Suresnes, FRA
Java Developer - IT Technical Leader
Technologies: Java 5/6/7, GWT, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, Mule, XSL, RESTlet, SVN, Maven, Tomcat, SOAP, JSF
Working at Capgemini was my first professional experience after I got my Engineering degree.

I started first as a Java developer, working for BNP Paribas to develop a toolbar application (web), used by the agencies to redirect in-calls and out-calls to the right person in the bank network. During this first mission, I successufly developped a SOAP Webservice used to authenticate the users of the application, and to give the right habilitations. I also worked on the IHM of the application, developping forms using the Java Icefaces library. This first mission helped me to acquire strong Java development skills, and to discover SVN source control plugin and its versionning capability.

I then worked on a 2 years project, which had for objective to entirely re-design the Information System used by M6 Publicité. The goal was to make the IS more flexible in terms of new business needs and new commercial offers which affect regularly the Advertising sector. Therefore, a critical objective of the mission was to integrate the “Multi-Channels” mechanisms, which allows M6 to sell advertisements on multiple TV channels of the group, in order to be diffused at the exact same time.

My roles as a Java Technical Leader were mainly:
  • Translation of the client scope statements into functional specifications
  • Writing of the technical specifications and the software interface specifications
  • Planification and cost estimations for the devs of the project
  • Animation of “Daily meetings” and task distribution to the team I was leading
  • Development of new Java-GWT functionalities
  • Presentation to the client (non technical audience) of the new functionalities developed and how to use them
  • Project delivery

Jan 2011 - Jul 2011
La Defense, FRA
Internship, Java Developer
Technologies: Java 5/6, Swing API, Hibernate, Oracle, IBM Websphere
As an engineering trainee, I worked on the Developments in Java of a new functionnal module for the software “Antenne V+” of the group “Canal +”, used to manage the grids of television programs diffused on the channels of the group. I worked on:
  • Development of the IHM (API Swing)
  • Development of business services (Java / Hibernate / Spring)



Windows / Linux environments




  • knowledge of Internet of Things (iot)
  • knowledge of PHP Zend Framework
  • knowledge of Lean and Agile project methods
  • knowledge of Angular 2
  • strong organizational skills
  • excellent interpersonal skills


  • Golf Passionate and player
  • Football
  • Sports generally
  • Guitar - Music
  • Travelling


2006 - 2011
ESIEE Engineering
Noisy le Grand, FRA
Master's degree, Telecommunications Engineering
  • Antenna Design (ST5-ANTS)
  • Emitting and receiving network note electronic architecture (ST5-ARCH)
  • Space and other fast moving vehicle telecommunication (ST5-SRT)
  • Optical telecommunications (OV5-COPT)
  • Embedded electronics and bus communication (OV5-ELAU)
  • Probabilities and statistics (MA-301)
  • Linear numeric analysis and optimization (MA-302)
  • Geometry and its applications (MA-313)
  • Quantum physics and its applications in semi-conductors (PH-302B)
  • Electronic Signals and Systems 5 and 6 (EL-301 - EL-302)
  • Introduction to micro-electronic (EL-303)
  • Electronic Signals and Systems 3 and 4 (EL-201 - EL-202)
  • Algorithmics (IN-202)
  • Databases and their applications (IN-212)
  • Mathematics 3 and 4 (including linear algebra and series) (MA-201 - MA-202)
  • Numerical methods and their applications to physics (MA-213)
  • Electromagnetic waves, physical optics and thermodynamics (PHY-201 - PHY-202)
  • Electronic Signals and Systems 1 and 2 (EL-101 - EL-102)
  • Mathematics 1 and 2 (MA-101 - MA-102)
  • Introduction to programming (IN-101)
  • Microprocessor assembly programming (IN-102)
  • Point particle and electrostatic physics (PHY-101)
  • Vaccum magnetostatic and optics (PHY-102)

2009 - 2010
Seattle University
Seattle, WA
Electrical and Computer Sciences Engineering
  • Engineering Design I, II and III (ECEGR 487 -> ECEGR 489)
  • Data acquisition laboratory (ECEGR 493)
  • Digital image processing on MatLab (ECEGR 406)
  • Active netowrks and filters (ECEGR 414)
  • Computer networks (CSSE 460)
  • Wireless digital transmission (ECEGR 496)
  • Introduction to antenna design (ECEGR 433)
  • Wireless communications sytems (ECEGR 463)
  • Digital communications (ECEGR 496)

1999 - 2006
Passy Buzenval
Rueil Malmaison, FRA
Majeure Scientifique
  • BAC S - 13,7
  • English Cambridge level certification


Mado Faki
This is the new portfolio of Mado I made. I made it more minimalist, responsive and fully administrable. It uses doctrine2 and some jquery plugins to display the photographies. Take a look at her portfolio, it's worth a visit.

Anna Grigora
Anna was born in 1959, Athens Greece. She studied at the Fine Arts school of Athens. Until this day she has participated in 150 team exhibitions in Greece and Europe and had 15 exhibitions of her own. Some of her paintings belong to the museum of Basilis and Elisa Goulandri in Andros, the history department of the museum of Hydras, the Gallery of Karditsa and Mesologgi and to the Gallery Viannou in Crete. Her work has been published in Greek newspapers and magazines.

Mado Faki
I created and designed a portfolio website for Mado in 2013, so she could display her photography works and her final study project. This was my first website, which is not responsive and was used as a lab test for me to progress in coding websites. All of her photos displayed are available on Flickr.
Mado is a talented photographer, living right now in Nanterre near Paris. She works at a school for 3-5 years old children as an animator. Feel free to contact her if you wish to talk about photography projects.

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